Postman – Using Environments and Tokens

Rick Herrmann

Postman is an incredibly  useful tool for testing API’s.  I’ve been using it for a few years now and have found some features that make it a breeze to work with when it comes to secured API’s. It’s good for handling different environments as well.

Login and Tokens

A common pattern we use with our API’s is to use Javascript Web Tokens(JWT’s) for authentication. To work with this in Postman, I typically have a /login post call which returns a token. Then for any other calls to that API, I manually copy the returned token, and set the Authorization header to “Bearer <token>”. Although this works, it’s a pain when the login token expires and I have to copy a new token to the Authorization header for every saved API call.  For an API where you have a lot of endpoints saved, updating all the Authorization headers can become tedious. Continue reading “Postman – Using Environments and Tokens”

Token Based Authentication in ASP.Net using JWTs Part 1

AJLately, I’ve been doing quite a bit of front-end development with the latest version of Angular and that requires token based authentication. So in this article let’s discuss how to create tokens in .Net.  I’ll go over setting up tokens in regular .Net, and in a later article, I’ll discuss how to setup tokens in .Net core.

All of the code can be obtained from Github Here.

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Streaming Video Content to a Browser using Web API

misc1Recently, a client reached out to me that their video streaming wouldn’t allow for seeking (fast-forward & rewind).  Not knowing a lot about streaming, I did some google searching and found out that if the API is not setup to support seeking, then it will not work.

I found a great starting point for this:

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Wading into the kiddy pool of Azure Web API

Mike BerrymanMicrosoft’s Azure service has been around for quite a while now, but I’ve never had a reason to do much with it since many of my clients are not “in the cloud”.  Until now, that is.  One of my SharePoint Clients is undertaking an initiative to move from their on-premise server to SharePoint Online, which presents some unique challenges for the custom solutions I had developed for them over the years.

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REST API Limitations – Inherited Top Navigation and Master Page

1_bgWhile reviewing some requirements for a project, I noticed that they wanted an inherited Top Navigation and Master Page to be part of their site creation process in SharePoint 2013 On-Premises. One of the client’s requests was that we not use server side code (C#\VB). Since I’d never done this in REST API, I decided to do a bit of research into it and came to the following conclusions…

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