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Token Based Authentication in ASP.Net using JWTs Part 1

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Lately, I’ve been doing quite a bit of front-end development with the latest version of Angular and that requires token based authentication. So in this article let’s discuss how to create tokens in .Net.  I’ll go over setting up tokens in regular .Net, and in a later article, I’ll discuss how to setup tokens in .Net core.

All of the code can be obtained from Github Here.

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Scope Identity and You

Mike BerrymanI had a situation recently where I was doing an insert into a SQL table from some C# code and then immediately had to perform some operations on other object using the newly inserted entry’s Id.  Now, I’ve done this sort of thing in the past but it’s always been on a system where I could be relatively assured no one else would be touching the table I was using except through the system I was developing and therefore I could get the freshly inserted entry’s Id just by doing a simple…

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