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Inject Scripts in SharePoint with JavaScript

Mike BerrymanDon’t worry, it’s the good kind of Script Injection!

I was recently working in a SharePoint environment where I wanted to have some JavaScript libraries (like jQuery and moment.js) available across the entire site collection.  The most obvious solution would be to add a reference to each library into the master page(s) used across the sites in the site collection but for this situation editing any master page was not an option.  Instead I wanted to use User Custom Actions to do script injection.

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SharePoint Client Object Model “Field does not exist” error

Mike BerrymanI was working with the SharePoint Client Object Model in Javascript a couple days ago and ran into the ever-so-common not-helpful error message of “Field does not exist” whenever any user other than myself would try and create a list item.  The weird part was, despite this error message, the list item was being created perfectly with no issues, with the field in question filled in exactly as entered on the form.  The only reason I knew there was an error was the fail callback function was being triggered, and consequently an alert box popping up with the “Field does not exist” error.

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