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SharePoint’s Data Form Web Part, Edit Mode, and “Id” Query Parameter

Mike BerrymanSo a few days ago, I stumbled upon a baffling bug in SharePoint while using a data form web part to allow for editing a list item in a custom list.  In the past, whenever I’ve created custom data form web part pages for editing, I’ve always followed SharePoint’s schema of using the “Id” query parameter to indicate which list item is being editted.  In this case, I was already using “Id” in another web part on the same page, so I just modified my data form web part to use some other query parameter, like “ItemId”.  Simple, right?

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Getting solution files from SharePoint

Mike BerrymanAnyone who has ever done any sort of custom development for SharePoint knows about .wsp files.  If you don’t know, .wsp files are packaged (IE zipped) collections of files that are deployed to a SharePoint farm.  This includes dlls, features, custom controls – just about anything done in a custom development situation for SharePoint gets packaged into a .wsp file for deployment purposes.  You can view the .wsp files deployed to any SharePoint farm via central administration.

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User Information in SharePoint Foundation

Mike BerrymanSharePoint Foundation does not have a User Profile Service, so how are users managed?

It turns out that there is a hidden system list on SharePoint Foundation (actually all versions of SharePoint, but much more useful in SharePoint Foundation).  To view this list, you simply visit http://<YourSharePointSite>/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx or details.aspx.

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