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Choosing the Right Front End Tools

Rick HerrmannRecently, I had the opportunity to meet with a client that was in the process of deciding on a front-end technology for their dev team to use.  They already did quite a bit of research and formed some opinions about different technologies, and wanted to get our opinion about the way they evaluated their options. One point I made early on in our discussion was that there is no one “right” answer to the question of “which tool(s) should we use?”.   Read more

CodeMash 2016 Day 3:  No rest from REST and JavaScript overload!

Duane OdumToday was all about REST (Representational State Transfer of course) and JavaScript.  My first three sessions were REST oriented and the last three were on Riot, Flux Architecture and React.  It was a bit of a homecoming for me compared to my first couple of days here playing around with unfamiliar languages.  I spend a lot of time utilizing the SharePoint REST API, so this was pretty friendly territory. But today really made me think about where things are going with REST in general along with web development as a whole.

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