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Working Remotely – Is it for you?

Duane OdumI read a blog post a while back from Scott Hanselman titled Being a Remote Worker Sucks – Long Live the Remote Worker and as a remote worker myself I found it to be a pretty good synopsis of the benefits and drawbacks of remote work. I have been working remotely for the better part of 4 years now and can definitely relate to some his points.

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Where did my week go???

Duane OdumDuring an Agile talk by Angela Dugan (@OakParkGirl on Twitter) at ThatConference in Wisconsin (Awesome conference by the way http://www.thatconference.com) I had a bit of a revelation regarding the amount of work that I really get done in a week.  I typically work around 55 hours a week…by choice in most cases as I really do enjoy my job but the reality is that around 15 of those hours are normally lost to the interruptions of everyday operations.  Please do not think that I am saying that meetings, calls and emails are not important as communication is probably the biggest part of any project but when I plan my work week I am setting myself up for failure over and over again.

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