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What’s New in microsoft 365 (September 2020)

The Microsoft Teams team dropped a lot of great updates this month and at the time of writing this up they have launched 118 feature enhancements/updates in 2020 per the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. You can check out some of the recent ones in the roadmap link but with Microsoft Teams getting so much press we decided to focus our update on SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and the big announcement for everyone regarding Internet Explorer 11 support moving forward that makes almost every developer smilešŸ˜‰. 

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What’s New In Office 365 (July 2018)

Itā€™s been another busy month for Office 365 updates.Ā  Many of the updates that rolled out Duane Odumwere ahead of schedule which can be nice for folks that were waiting on a specific update to implement a solution.Ā  However, itā€™s nice when the Office 365 Roadmap is accuratešŸ˜Š.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center

This oneā€™s been in the pipeline for some time but if you havenā€™t checked it out yet be prepared for some changes.Ā  Content is still very similar so itā€™s not a terribly difficult adjustment but anything with Administration rights in Office 365 should get familiar with the new layout sooner rather than later at https://admin.microsoft.com. Read more

SharePoint Virtual Summit Recap

Duane OdumWith a 90% increase in users and a 300% increase in the amount of data stored, SharePointĀ is skyrocketing, and Microsoft is implementing plenty of updates to further expand their services.

Yesterday’s SharePoint Virtual Summit focused on the four core goals of Microsoft’s collaboration technologies: share with confidence, transform business processes, inform/engage employees, and harness collective knowledge. There are all kinds of updates coming in 2017 that incorporateĀ these goals, but perhaps the biggest announcement of the summit was the reveal of the brand-new communication sites.

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