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MS Flow and Azure: Creating Parent and Sub sites

The Assignment

Recently we were asked by a client to develop a MS Flow that creates a sub site when users enter a new item into a SharePoint list. What we found was there’s no simple, out of the box way to have the new sub site inherit the top navigation of the parent site. As a result, we needed to create an Azure Function to preform this function.  Read more

Setup Xamarin iOS to Login to Azure ADAL and Sharepoint Online

misc1This project takes a lot from this and makes changes for the new API (you must register your SharePoint application with Azure AD).  This document sets up Azure AD for Sharepoint Online.

When using the ADAL package on the Xamarin iPhone emulator, it requires quite a process to get up and running.  Installing ADAL requires the NuGet Package  “Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory”. Once that’s installed, you must create an authenticator service to assist with authenticating.

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Wading into the kiddy pool of Azure Web API

Mike BerrymanMicrosoft’s Azure service has been around for quite a while now, but I’ve never had a reason to do much with it since many of my clients are not “in the cloud”.  Until now, that is.  One of my SharePoint Clients is undertaking an initiative to move from their on-premise server to SharePoint Online, which presents some unique challenges for the custom solutions I had developed for them over the years.

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