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Where is the line between Power User and Developer in SharePoint?

Duane OdumSharePoint power users are loosely defined as folks that have a knowledge base in SharePoint above and beyond that of a general SharePoint User. In training/marketing materials Power users are normally listed alongside a Site Owner or Site Collection Administrator role. Power users are invaluable to the growth and adoption of SharePoint within organizations as they usually have a better understanding of the features and functionality available out of the box that can enhance the end user experience and are essentially a translator between IT and the business when it comes to requirements.  Recently it seems that the lines between developer and power user are being blurred and I am not sure that is a good thing.

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The Future of SharePoint – The Day After

1_bgOn May 4th, 2016 the future of SharePoint was announced and at one point during the presentation Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President – OneDrive and SharePoint at Microsoft said something along the lines of “we are reinventing the intranet”. While that might be seen as hyperbole it is hard to argue the fact that Microsoft is reinventing SharePoint.  When Teper was brought back in to lead the SharePoint/OneDrive efforts, there was a lot of buzz in the community about where things would be going. Now we have our answer.

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