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Why I’m never buying another Dell, and why you shouldn’t either

misc1I’ve been a software developer going on 12 years and it has been great.  As such, I’m the family computer guy, which I don’t mind because it helps keep me up on current hardware technology (I have a masters in EE so I like that stuff).

Recently, my mother came to me with an issue with her Dell laptop.  It seems that the hard drive stopped working.  Pretty simple to fix since it used a 2.5″ SATA drive.  I went to the local Microcenter and grabbed a 240Gig SSD to replace it with.  (SSD’s are soooo cheap these days!)

My mother brought over her computer and I proceeded to install the hard drive and then I was looking for her box for the restore disk…  Oooh lala they don’t provide a restore disk with their computers anymore.

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