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SharePoint Fest 2014: Visualization Tools and Innovation Games

Duane OdumI am attending the SharePoint Fest Chicago this week, and will be sharing my thoughts on some of the sessions I attend throughout the week.

My first session of the SharePoint Fest Chicago was Visual Tools and Innovation Games presented by Ruven Gotz and Michelle Caldwell. While I felt a bit alone based on my skillset, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am fairly certain I was the lone consultant in the session and 100% certain I was the only developer in the session, but ultimately that was my expectation going in and one of the main reasons I chose it. After all, that is the point of attending conferences isn’t it? Expanding my horizons…

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CodeMash 2014 Session Recap: Applicaiton Security

Duane OdumAfter letting it “sink in” for a week I realized that we all need to be a little more aware of the importance of security when we are developing applications.  It amazes me that someone would post data source and connection information in StackOverflow but I was able to find 15 articles with that information readily available.  Granted some of those are probably connections to a personal development environment but I literally spent less than 30 minutes looking and ultimately it made me more curious about what I could find if I actually spent some actual time digging.

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