Codemash 2016 – Humanitarian Toolbox

Rick HerrmannFor the second Codemash pre-compiler day I spent the full day working on the Humanitarian Toolbox project @htbox) with Bill Wagner (@billwagner) and Tony Surma (@tonysurma) and 5 other developers.

What is it?

The Humanitarian Toolbox is an open source non-profit organization, that creates software for disaster response teams. To kick things off, Tony gave us an overview of the projects and we pulled the code from GitHub.

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Adding Asp.Net MVC 4 into an existing Asp.Net Webforms Project

Scott ZischerkI had a client that had an existing ASP.Net webforms application and wanted to move to ASP.Net MVC without rewriting the existing web site.  Well, as it turns out, you can!  Since ASP.Net MVC is an abstraction on top of ASP.Net you can run both simultaneously. Here are the steps I followed to get it working.Bootstrapping MVCTo get Asp.NET MVC4 working in an Asp.NET webforms website we need to add a few files and settings.

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Lessons Learned: “A Weekend of Chaos”

Duane OdumAs I sat in my living room reflecting on the past three days instead of my latest blog post topic I came to the realization that the last three days could easily be a relatable topic for almost anyone.  In the past three days I have loaded and unloaded a 26 foot moving truck, picked up a new puppy that has not stopped barking since we brought him home, unpacked half of our belongings, flown from Cincinnati, Ohio to San Antonio, Texas with my wife for a “weekend getaway” and flown back to Cincinnati.  In all of the chaos that surrounded the weekend I learned a few things about myself along the way.  We always like to do takeaways and action items when we have meetings at work so I will present mine from the last few days.

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BDD in .NET with NSpec

Rick HerrmannI started including unit testing as part of my development routine four years ago. Like a lot of developers, I struggled at first to know what to test and how to make my code more testable. In the .NET space the common approach is to use a lot of interfaces and dependency injection to help keep your code loosely coupled and easier to test.

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Solution – What to do with the Correlation ID from the Error Page

Scott ZischerkWhile developing SharePoint 2010 solutions I am constantly going through the ULS logs to find out what happened when an error occurs.  I usually use a tool like ULSViewer to wade through the logs and find my specific correlation id.  Then figure out what happened.  I thought to myself, there must be a better way!  So I tossed around a couple of ideas about creating a web part that would show the log items that had that the correlation id, but that still seemed too cumbersome.  What I really needed was to have it right on the error page.

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