Microsoft Flow

What is Flow?


Microsoft Flow is tool that allows one to create and automate workflows across multiple applications. To create a flow, the user specifies what action should take place when a specific event occurs. The most common use of flow is to trigger notifications. For example, flow can be used to send someone a notification when an item is added to a list.

Flows can also be used to collect data. For instance, if the user wants to see what people are saying about a particular brand, they can create a trigger that will capture new tweets that mention the brand and put a copy of each tweet into a database for further analysis. Once a flow is built, it can be managed on the desktop or through an app on a mobile device. Additionally, Flow can be integrated with other various Microsoft services. The Microsoft Flow Admin Center allows an administrator to manage users, permissions and roles and ensure that employee-created flows comply with data loss prevention policies. Continue reading “Microsoft Flow”

IT Salaries To Increase In 2018

IT Salaries To Increase In 2018

A recent study published In Staffing Industry Analysts says more than half of IT leaders expect overall IT staff salaries to increase this year despite declining budget expectations.

Nearly 60% of IT leaders predict that salaries will increase, a 20% increase from 2017.

  • Much of these increases will be to compensate for cost-of-living expenses. However some IT managers are anticipating the need to increase salaries as a way to retain high level talent.
  • There’s an IT talent shortage and employers are looking to keep that talent they already have any way they can.

Despite the talent shortage, IT leaders still plan to keep the same or increase team headcount.

The most difficult skills to find in 2018 according to IT leaders:

  • 45% of those surveyed say software engineers, developers and DevOps
  • 29% of those surveyed say Data analytics and security skills

Info from this survey was complied and assembled from the responses of over 1000 IT leaders.

The IBS Longtimers: An Interview with Frank Carroll

The IBS Longtimers: An Interview with Frank Carroll

Frank Carroll is the CFO of IBS and has been with the company for over 25 years. In that time he has played a vital role in helping IBS, shaping the company into the success that it is today. We sat down with Frank to learn more about his time with IBS, who he is outside of the office, and his favorite spooky Halloween activities.  Continue reading “The IBS Longtimers: An Interview with Frank Carroll”

Advice: Questions to Ask During A Job Interview

Dear Arturo,

I’ve got a bit of a problem when it comes to job interviews. I go in with confidence and I usually interview well until the very end when the manager asks me if I have any questions and then I just freeze. I begin to panic and search for a question, but I don’t want ask something silly so I just end up saying something along the lines of “No I think you’ve covered everything.” I can’t help but feel that I’ve failed some sort of test, even if I nailed the interview up until that point.

Ouch. I’ve got to be honest – more often than not, a blunder like this can certainly cost you a job. There’s more than likely a candidate who interviewed just as well (or slightly worse/better) who asked a poignant question that impressed the hiring managers.


The interviewer doesn’t ask that question to be polite—they are trying to gauge your interest, and see how informed you are about the opportunity. It’s not uncommon to have freeze up, but you have to be able to push past this crucial moment. You have to anticipate the question and be prepared for it. Continue reading “Advice: Questions to Ask During A Job Interview”

Applying For Jobs Via Mobile

Applying For Jobs Via Mobile

Email revolutionized the way people communicate. It was a massive innovation and, like all major shifts, it took a while for people and businesses to adapt. But adapt they did. Today email is now the most common form of communication.

Today there’s a new innovation changing the face of business: Applying for jobs via mobile device. While many employers have yet to embrace it fully, it’s still there, and we don’t have long until the concept of using your cell phone to apply for jobs becomes mainstream.   Mobile is easier, faster, and much more convenient, particularly for millennials. If you don’t provide the option to apply for positions via mobile, you’re missing out on a large demographic. 90% of job seekers are searching for jobs via mobile, and 78% say they will apply for jobs via mobile.

Simply put, more people will apply for a job opening if they can do so from their phone.  Continue reading “Applying For Jobs Via Mobile”

Creating New Habits: Sticking to Resolutions in (and Outside) the Workplace

Creating New Habits: Sticking to Resolutions in  (and Outside) the Workplace

It’s a new year, a chance to have a clean slate. As humans, we want to make the most of this clean start to a fresh new year. What better way to start a new year out by analyzing what we did wrong last year and vowing to fix it in the coming year.

New Year’s Resolutions.


They can be personal or professional, secret or open for the world to know. They’re made with the best of intentions and the strongest of convictions.

And yet, only 8% of those that make resolutions will actually succeed.

Why do we tend to fail? What takes us from being hopeful and determined to slowly giving up? and how can we get those resolutions to stick?

In the 1970’s, a book called PsychoCyberkinetics by Maxwell Maltz sent a popular notion out into society: It takes three weeks to create a habit and three days to break one.

It’s a catchy saying and for some people, 21 days is ample time to create a habit. However, according to a 2009 study, the time it takes to form a habit really isn’t that clear-cut. Researchers from University College London examined the new habits of 96 people over the space of 12 weeks, and found that the average time it takes for a new habit to stick is actually 66 days; furthermore, individual times varied from 18 to a whopping 254 days.

Continue reading “Creating New Habits: Sticking to Resolutions in (and Outside) the Workplace”

Creating SSIS Packages

Creating SSIS Packages

Recently I created SSIS packages to handle information from a spread sheet for a client. I finished making the packages, only to later realize there was a problem. One SSIS package added two tables to my database in order to handle changing the incorrectly typed value to the correct value in a specific column on any spread sheet. Lets use the following spread sheets to better describe exactly what I mean.screen-shot-2017-10-11-at-5-17-51-pm Continue reading “Creating SSIS Packages”