Meteor.js CodeMash Staff Application

Scott ZischerkNote: If you have interest in checking out the project, you can find it here:


If you’re not familiar with CodeMash, it’s a technology conference hosted at the Kalahari Resort & Indoor Water Park in Sandusky, OH:

CodeMash is a unique event that will educate developers on current practices, methodologies, and technology trends in a variety of platforms and development languages such as Java, .NET, Ruby, Python and PHP.

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CodeMash 2016 Day 3:  No rest from REST and JavaScript overload!

Duane OdumToday was all about REST (Representational State Transfer of course) and JavaScript.  My first three sessions were REST oriented and the last three were on Riot, Flux Architecture and React.  It was a bit of a homecoming for me compared to my first couple of days here playing around with unfamiliar languages.  I spend a lot of time utilizing the SharePoint REST API, so this was pretty friendly territory. But today really made me think about where things are going with REST in general along with web development as a whole.

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index.html commit hell

3One of the issues we face when dealing with angular apps is the number of js files that need to be included in the index.html. Especially when you are working on a large project, the number of js files can reach over 100. In order to combat that, and make things easier for developer, tools like wiredep and gulp-inject were created. These tools search the directory structure, and add the js and css files to the index.html.

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Mobile Monday Presentation – Domino’s AnyWare

Joseph DotsonOn Monday I attended a presentation on the Domino’s AnyWare application.


A large portion of the talk from Domino’s was about their working culture. They utilize agile and scrum processes, with stand ups and sprints.

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21 (sort of) Essential JavaScript Interview Questions

6I was recently challenged to spend an hour going through the javascript questions/answers on this link Javascript Questions to determine whether or not these so-called “21 Essential JavaScript Interview Questions” really are essential.

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Working with git – Ignoring Merge Conflicts for a File

7An issue I had to solve recently with git was how to ignore merge-conflicts for a single file in a repository.  The application is an AngularJS application, and as is common with a Single Page Application (SPA) there is a single index.html file that is the starting point of the app.  As part of the client-side build tooling, we are using two gulp plugins called wiredep and inject.  These two plugins automatically add the <script> references to the index.html file for all of the javascript files in your application – including both the referenced libraries (e.g. angular.js) and the application specific js files (controllers, services etc).  As a result, even though the developers almost never directly change the index.html file, it gets modified by the gulp tasks when the <script> references are added.  So with each commit, git considers the index.html file to have been modified.

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