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Choosing the Right Front End Tools

Rick HerrmannRecently, I had the opportunity to meet with a client that was in the process of deciding on a front-end technology for their dev team to use.  They already did quite a bit of research and formed some opinions about different technologies, and wanted to get our opinion about the way they evaluated their options. One point I made early on in our discussion was that there is no one “right” answer to the question of “which tool(s) should we use?”.   Read more

A View on Vue.js

Mike BerrymanFor the past year and a half or so I have been working on various Angular.js applications for different clients. I’ve really enjoyed working in the Angular framework, and one of the really nice parts of that framework is the model-view binding that you get.

With model-view binding, you basically put some custom attributes on your HTML elements and the framework will then automatically handle persisting any changes to the model to the view or vice-versa.  It makes capturing data from a user or displaying data to a user a snap!

So when I recently started a javascript project that wasn’t going to use Angular.js, I needed a stand-alone model-view binding framework.  The only thing I had used in the past that fit the bill was Knockout, but it had left a bad taste in my mouth so I wanted to find an alternative.

Enter Vue.js.

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