Issue with Snagit 12 and Windows 10

Duane OdumAs I have been presenting and recording using Skype for Business for quite some time I haven’t had the need to use SnagIt in quite some time so I didn’t upgrade to the Snagit 13 version when it came out.  Today I wanted to do some “snippet” how to videos for an application we developed and Snagit seemed the perfect fit but I uncovered an issue that is easily resolved, despite it taking me 30 minutes to figure out what was going on.  Short and sweet version: if you are running Snagit12 with Windows 10 Anniversary update installed you need to visit this page on the TechSmith support site. The longer and more cathartic version follows.

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IBS Solutions Group Presents .NET Core to Development User Group in Lansing, MI

Joseph DotsonOn Thursday, I traveled to the TechSmith Corporation in the Lansing, Michigan area to deliver a presentation about .NET Core, Microsoft’s newest open source cross-compatibility framework.

At the presentation, I discussed some of the platform’s features and functionality, such as dependency injection, logging, user roles/identities, and use cases.

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TechSmith Recording Programs – Which is Best for Screen Recording?

JohnThis post was written by IBS Developer Rick Berryman

I wanted to create a tutorial for an online software program, but I wasn’t sure what screen recording software package to use. I tested out three TechSmith screen recording products to see which would work best for me. Here are the results:

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