This month we will be pointing out a couple messages Microsoft really, really wants us to pay attention to as well as few great SharePoint Online features coming soon. You may notice a lack of Teams focused messages this month but don’t worry…there is still quite a bit of Teams goodness in the pipeline on the roadmap😉.  

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What’s New Microsoft 365 June 2020

What’s New Microsoft 365 June 2020

After last month’s little rant on rebranding it’s becoming more “official” Office 365 Groups are now Microsoft 365 Groups within the documentation and we even got a message center announcement referencing the change on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap…the renaming will continue I suppose. In this month’s update we have quite a bit of Teams & SharePoint related features which makes sense as SP Conference NA was supposed to be this month. Also, we have one “outlier” regarding Outlook on the web that really makes me quite happy but not mean much to anyone reading this😉.

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What’s Happening in Office 365 May 2020

In this month’s update we have a little rant on Microsoft’s consistently inconsistent history of renaming things and even touch on a couple of them in our update. We also note a feature that many of the Power Users, IT Pros and developers still supporting Classic SharePoint Content Query Web Parts really need to be aware of along with a quite a few Yammer, Teams and SharePoint feature updates of note. Continue reading “What’s Happening in Office 365 May 2020”