Employee Spotlight: Pradeep Arigue

Pradeep Arigue
Pradeep Arigue

Once the owner of a Quality Assurance business himself, Pradeep Arigue holds a Bachelors of Computer Applications, and has over 10 years’ experience in the industry. He first joined the IBS team in 2012 as a QA Analyst, eventually becoming QA Lead, and is now our QA Practice Manager.

Working onsite at client facilities in the US, Pradeep also manages the IBS offshore QA team based in Hyderabad India. When asked what he likes about working with IBS, Pradeep notes the work environment. “I love that there is always something new to learn. I consider myself very fortunate to work in a field that is always changing and growing with new technologies, capabilities and ideas.”

Initially from India, Pradeep first traveled to the US in 2014, making his 5th trip in September of 2018. Currently, he’s working with IBS’ insurance and finance clients, setting up their QA practices and creating automation proof of concepts.  When he’s not researching the latest technologies, Pradeep enjoys playing cricket and seeking out the new best Thai and Mexican restaurants he can find!

Does My Business Really Need A Mobile App?

JohnIf you’re looking for the short answer, here it is: yes.

Even your big business, the one you created before the internet even existed and already has a loyal customer base, needs a mobile application.

Mobile internet traffic grew 63% in 2016, surpassing desktop internet usage for the first time ever, and this trend is only expected to continue in the coming years.

Giving your customers the option to utilize your products/services on-the-go and to access functionality with only a few taps of their finger is essential to growing and maintaining your business. We live in age where speed and convenience are two key drivers in our decisions, and mobile apps meet both of these requirements.

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SharePoint User Adoption

I Duane Odumam attending the SharePoint Fest Chicago this week, and will be sharing my thoughts on some of the sessions I attend throughout the week.

In a rather interesting take on user adoption, Sarah Haase provided two admittedly not-so-simple keys to success: manipulation and motivation.

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Working Remotely – Is it for you?

Duane OdumI read a blog post a while back from Scott Hanselman titled Being a Remote Worker Sucks – Long Live the Remote Worker and as a remote worker myself I found it to be a pretty good synopsis of the benefits and drawbacks of remote work. I have been working remotely for the better part of 4 years now and can definitely relate to some his points.

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IT Consulting – Fantasy Flex

JohnThis article posted on CIO compares building the ultimate IT team to drafting the perfect fantasy football team, but as commenter David Sirorkman says, outsourced IT consultants are left out. He proposes that outsourced consultants are like Special Teams because they “fill in the gaps outside of the skill set of the in-house IT Team.” While I agree that consultants certainly fill in the IT team’s skill set gaps, I disagree that they are comparable to Special Team because it implies that every IT team brings in consultants to serve one specific purpose. However, I do think he’s on to something.

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Where did my week go???

Duane OdumDuring an Agile talk by Angela Dugan (@OakParkGirl on Twitter) at ThatConference in Wisconsin (Awesome conference by the way http://www.thatconference.com) I had a bit of a revelation regarding the amount of work that I really get done in a week.  I typically work around 55 hours a week…by choice in most cases as I really do enjoy my job but the reality is that around 15 of those hours are normally lost to the interruptions of everyday operations.  Please do not think that I am saying that meetings, calls and emails are not important as communication is probably the biggest part of any project but when I plan my work week I am setting myself up for failure over and over again.

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Caution! The moving walkway is ending…a tale from the terminal.

Duane OdumFor those of us that get to experience the joy of traveling via airlines throughout the United States and beyond, the title of this post should be all too familiar.  While sitting in the Cincinnati airport, I had a slight epiphany. I do quite a bit of work from the airport terminal.

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