Restricting Users from Creating Office 365 Groups

Microsoft is very permissive when it comes to creating Office 365 groups. The default is that everyone can create Office 365 groups. Users can create groups from several different applications, and each user can create up to 250 groups. With this kind of freedom, things can get out of control pretty quickly. Before you know it, your environment can have a plethora of Office 365 Groups that may not be useful or even used. Sometimes the old adage is true – just because they can, doesn’t always mean they should.

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Checking Your SharePoint 2010 Sites For Stale Content

Scott ZischerkOne of the best ways of keeping your users using your SharePoint site is keep the content fresh.  You could do this manually, but depending on how large you site collection is this could take hours or even days.  Or, using PowerShell it could take seconds.

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