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The IBS Longtimers: An Interview with Bob Turner

Bob Turner, Regional Vice President and branch manager of our Detroit office, has been with IBS for nearly 20 years. Beginning as a recruiter and working his way up to a managerial role, Bob has played a big role in shaping IBS into the success that it is today.

We sat down with Bob to learn more about his experience with IBS, how he got started in the business, and what he likes to do when he’s not busy working.

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Do You Have A Smartphone Addiction?

Our Smartphones have infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives. Think about it: there’s an app for literally everything nowadays, you rarely have use for any other electronic device besides the latest iPhone. From the time you wake up till the time you go to bed  you’re using your smartphone. You use an app to wake up, an app to consume your media, an app to find out where you’re going as well as one to connect to those around you.

Before we move forward please note we are not suggesting that we need to do away with smartphones or that they are inherently evil. Ultimately, they make our leaves easier, saving us time, energy and in some cases money. We are simply trying to say that, if you’re like us, you could probably use a little break from endlessly scrolling through your device every now and again. Below we’ve complied some helpful tips for weaning yourself off your smartphone. Read more

Flexible or Not, I am for Requirements


I mentioned in my last post (six months ago) that I was taking a break and working with an NGO as part of my Masters in Public Administration program.

As it would have it, I ended up on a SharePoint Online / Office 365 project.  Of course, I could have taken on the development myself but decided that it made more sense for the NGO to take on a local company to impelement the custom SharePoint development.  I have managed many software development projects in the past and thought that this would be a breeze.

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