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What’s New in Microsoft 365 (August 2021)

With Microsoft Inspire and SPFest Chicago in our rearview mirrors it is time to look forward to the latest/greatest features and enhancements being rolled out to Microsoft 365.  Before doing that though, we suggest checking out the Inspire Book of News to see if there is anything you may be interested in taking advantage of in the future. FYI: We are very intrigued by the announcement of tighter integrations between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams.

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What’s New in Microsoft 365 (August 2020)

The big news out of SharePoint is the death of SharePoint 2010 workflows ….along with the rebirth of SharePoint Lists as Microsoft Lists and Teams Planner as Teams Tasks. As if those announcements alone aren’t enough information to make you say ‘huh?’, we also have new Power Platform features coming to Teams, SharePoint is centralizing the management of hub visitor permissions, and it is time to start thinking about upgrading your apps to use Microsoft Graph.

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