Utilize flowjs as an Angular Directive

Mike BerrymanI’ve been working on an angular project that has a requirement to allow users to upload documents, pictures and videos to the site.  As a part of the upload process, after the user has selected their file, but before it’s actually uploaded to the server, the user needs to supply some metadata about the file.  Being a responsive, highly stylized site, the client didn’t want the standard input control with type=”file”. Instead they wanted the user to click an “Add file”-type button that would pop up the explorer window for the user to pick a file, and then once the file is picked, prompt the user for the required metadata before performing the actual upload.

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​RESTful Web Service Authentication Changes

Mike BerrymanI was trying to alter the authentication schema being used by one of our mobile apps.  This app communicates via REST web service calls to the server over a secure connection, so we were initially passing username/password as plaintext to the server for authentication with no issues. Every call to the web services re-authenticated the user to make sure they were still allowed to access the requested resource.  The username/passwords were stored on the mobile device in a way that’s inaccessible to the user.

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Fix for Footer Shift in jQuery Mobile Toolbar

Mike BerrymanI was using the jQuery Mobile toolbar widget for iOS to create a tablet log-in page. I was using the “always show” feature of the jQuery toolbar in order to keep it locked in place on the screen (which makes the header and footer visible no matter where I scroll on the page).

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