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Custom Forms in Classic SharePoint and Power Automate DLP Heads Up

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On April 25th, 2020 we received message center notification MC210713 in our tenant indicating there was going to be a feature deprecation in SharePoint Designer impacting custom form creation.  If your organization has completely adopted the modern SharePoint experience this notification will not impact you in anyway. On April 23rd, 2020 we received message center notification MC210568 indicating there were updates to Power Platform Data Loss Prevention capabilities.  This update removes the “data governance blocker” for organizations that have yet to enable Power Automate nee Flow and Power Apps within their environment.  Ironically the latter announcement indicated the starting date of the Data Loss Prevention capability updates was April 22nd, 2020…nice timing there Microsoft😊. Feel free to read on to understand how the two are related, especially if your still using Classic SharePoint sites with customizations in your environment! Read more

Uploading multiple attachments in SharePoint with one Input

Interactive Business Systems is now Planet Technology. Looking for a new job? We work with some of the biggest names in tech, and we’re hiring! Check out our open jobs and make your next career move with Planet.

I ran into the problem of not being able to upload an indefinite number of attachments to a SharePoint list item.  Using a file input could only upload file per input and I needed to allow the user to upload as many as they wanted.  I ended up following this blog post.

To select multiple files in one file input, the JavaScript plugin jquery.multifile.js is needed.  With this plugin, all you need to do to select multiple files is include multiple=”multiple” and class=”multi” on the file input.  When you choose a file it shows up below the input like this:

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Javascript Bug in Mozilla Firefox

Mike BerrymanI recently ran into an issue with a javascript element appearing incorrectly in Firefox. If you don’t know, in javascript you’re able to define a function after the line number that you actually call it in the code. This is possible because the browser (whichever that browser may be) will parse through the javascript before running any of it. This is to ensure that syntax is valid, memory is properly allocated, and the browser properly understands the function you declare so it knows what to do when the function is called.

HOWEVER, if you have a function declaration within an if block, AND said declaration occurs after you try to use it, Firefox won’t understand the function and throw an error.

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