Angular 2 Component Injection (From the Desk of an Angular 2 Noob)

Mike BerrymanAngular 2 officially released last week – 9/14/16 – which was excellent timing for me as I had just been put on a new project that would be utilizing Angular 2 (at the client’s request).  After spending a few days familiarizing myself with Angular 2 I dived right into the project.

As an aside, and to jump on the bandwagon… why is this called Angular 2?!  I had to forget more or less everything I learned in Angular 1 when transitioning to Angular 2.  It might as well have been called Componentular or something for how much Angular 2 has in common with Angular 1.

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First Impressions: Development for SharePoint Framework

Mike BerrymanYesterday I attended a Microsoft Webinar introducting the new SharePoint Framework, and here are my first impressions:

For a few years now Microsoft has been encouraging developers to customize SharePoint with client-side technologies (Javascript, HTML5) instead of server-side (C#).  The new SharePoint Framework is another step in that direction.  Currently we 3 general options for customizing SharePoint.

  • Server-side code (not available in SharePoint Online)
  • Apps/Add-Ins
  • Directly customize/modify pages with SharePoint Designer

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