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Employers Prioritize Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are often cited an important qualification for position openings. This should come as no surprise, but what’s interesting is that was cited more often than technical skills. In this report from HackerRank, 94% of the IT employers surveyed consider problem solving skills a priority when hiring, while 55% mentioned programming proficiency. Debugging, system design and performance optimization ranked highly as well.

It should be noted that smaller companies do place more importance on program proficiency (or less importance on problem solving) than larger ones. One explanation is “the right knowledge of frameworks is more important for startups since they need to launch code quickly, and frameworks help developers push code faster.” See the report for the full analysis. 

Avoiding Red Flags on Your Resume

In today’s world you need a resume if you want to get the job. Sure, there may be certain instances and positions where they are not entirely necessary, but if you want to stay competitive a strong resume is essential.

Before you panic, keep in mind that recruiters spend a great portion of their day staring at resumes…it’s their job. So, guess what that means? Yup…a recruiter can help you with your resume! Seriously. They will tell you what needs to be fixed and how to improve it. Even if a resume is bad, it’s not unfixable. It does, however, need to 1) exist and 2) not raise any red flags with a recruiter. If a resume raises too many questions there’s a good a chance a recruiter will pass you up in favor of a more workable, less problematic candidate. Don’t worry, though! Below we’ve compiled a list of what you can do to improve your resume.  Read more