Codemash 2016 – Humanitarian Toolbox

Rick HerrmannFor the second Codemash pre-compiler day I spent the full day working on the Humanitarian Toolbox project @htbox) with Bill Wagner (@billwagner) and Tony Surma (@tonysurma) and 5 other developers.

What is it?

The Humanitarian Toolbox is an open source non-profit organization, that creates software for disaster response teams. To kick things off, Tony gave us an overview of the projects and we pulled the code from GitHub.

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Codemash 2016 – 7 Languages in 7 Hours

Rick HerrmannDay 1 of CodeMash 2016 I attended the full day workshop presented by Amber Conville (@crebma) called 7 Languages in 7 Hours.  The languages used were Ruby, Rust, Go, Elixir, Clojure, Haskell, and Scala.  I am familiar with Ruby but the other 6 were completely new to me.

To get a feel for solving a non-trivial problem with the languages we completed the Prime Factors Kata with each one.  Although you can’t go too deep into a language in 1 hour, I was able to get a sense of the syntax and make some initial observations.

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CodeMash 2016 Review: 7 Languages in 7 Hours

Duane OdumPresenter

Amber Conville

Sadly, I was unable to make it through all 7 as duty called on numerous occasions throughout the day, but I must say I experienced a wide range of emotions.  We utilized the Prime Factors Kata for each language rather than the simple Hello World or To Do applications which I found to be an interesting challenge as I was consistently Googling syntax-related issues.  The 3 languages I missed out on in the session were Go (seriously disappointed I missed this one), Scala and Elixir.  Quick summaries of the ones I did get to attend are listed below:

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Codemash Review

Rick HerrmannI was unable to attend Codemash and so was very much looking forward to attending version this year. Due to heavy snow and extreme cold (it was a challenge just getting to the Kalahari), it took much longer to get there, but the conference was well worth the extended drive.

Including the pre-compiler sessions, I spent roughly half my time in sessions based on front-end development. This included some that were specifically about javascript, and others that were about the tooling that is growing up for front-end developers to work with. In particular I liked the session by Jay Harris about modern web development in the .NET space, which looked at the tools available for front-end development outside of Visual Studio.

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CodeMash 2014 Session Recap: Applicaiton Security

Duane OdumAfter letting it “sink in” for a week I realized that we all need to be a little more aware of the importance of security when we are developing applications.  It amazes me that someone would post data source and connection information in StackOverflow but I was able to find 15 articles with that information readily available.  Granted some of those are probably connections to a personal development environment but I literally spent less than 30 minutes looking and ultimately it made me more curious about what I could find if I actually spent some actual time digging.

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CodeMash v2.0.1.4

Scott ZischerkBackstory

This year at CodeMash, I volunteered to take over the sign creation from Jeff Blankenburg.  Shortly after, Darrell Hawley asked if I wanted to be a CodeMash volunteer also, and I said that I would.  It turned out that Darrell wasn’t going to be able to make it to the conference and he asked if I would take over his volunteer coordinator duties this year as well.  I said sure and he passed the torch and all of knowledge of the position on December 26th.  The volunteers consist of students from local universities, speakers that are not speaking and spouses of speakers.  Darrell had already put together the team of volunteers and I just had to lead them.  The volunteer duties include room proctor, mealtime proctor, registration desk, information desk, and any other task that needs to be done for the conference.  The central location that the volunteers hung out at was the registration booth.

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