What’s New in Office 365 (January 2019)

Happy New Year! January is here – new year, new you, right? Personally, I don’t believe in all that new year’s resolution stuff. Every day is a new opportunity to live your best life. How about we stick to new year, new updates for Office 365? There are some changes that will increase security, a change that may affect network traffic, best practice guidelines, and as always, an exciting new feature to highlight.  Regarding security, Microsoft is retiring 3DES in Office 365, and sharing links that block download have begun rolling out.  If you have configured your network to restrict resource access to Azure AD IP address ranges, make sure to read the piece on Azure AD updating IP Addresses. PowerApps users will be happy to see the release of a white paper on coding guidelines and standards. And finally, the exciting new feature we are highlighting this month is reminders in SharePoint.   

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Applying For Jobs Via Mobile

Email revolutionized the way people communicate. It was a massive innovation and, like all major shifts, it took a while for people and businesses to adapt. But adapt they did. Today email is now the most common form of communication.

Today there’s a new innovation changing the face of business: Applying for jobs via mobile device. While many employers have yet to embrace it fully, it’s still there, and we don’t have long until the concept of using your cell phone to apply for jobs becomes mainstream.   Mobile is easier, faster, and much more convenient, particularly for millennials. If you don’t provide the option to apply for positions via mobile, you’re missing out on a large demographic. 90% of job seekers are searching for jobs via mobile, and 78% say they will apply for jobs via mobile.

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Check Out Our Agile Process in Action

Karen AdkinsWe recently worked with Benefit Express (BE), a health benefits administration firm, to enhance their in-house software. We’ve worked with them in the past, so they knew our agile, feature-driven development processes could meet their needs.

Our total transparency model allowed us to be in constant communication with BE even though we worked remotely, ensuring the product would give their customers what they needed.

Utilizing Angular.js, C#, and Web API, we provided the tools and resources that allowed BE to finish their project on time.

Check out this video to learn more:

A Practical Way to Gain Experience Acquiring a New Skill – Mind Mapping Your Career Plan

Karen AdkinsMind Maps are used for problem solving, team building and in requirement gathering among other things. Following 10 simple guidelines from Buzan on Wikipedia, you, too, can try this approach.

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Is a Technical Lead like a Super Bowl Quarterback?

Karen AdkinsAs I pondered my next blog post (New Year’s resolution Is to make sure we are posting on a regular basis), I received the email below from Mike Mansbach, Citrix Online.  The same questions apply to the Tech Lead on a Software Development Team.  Who performs better under pressure?   What  different types of teamwork styles makes the team successful?  If your tech team role is more equivalent to Line Men, does the style of quarterbacking from the tech lead affect your performance?

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