SharePoint Designer Workflow using Call http Commands

What’s this Blog about?

Karen Adkins

This blog lists some helpful tips and tricks about using the http GET and http POST. We’ll  walk through creating a SharePoint Designer Site Workflow that loops through an existing orders list to find pending orders which are added to a Historical Pending Orders List.

About Me

I know enough to be dangerous in the development world. However,  my current role does not allow for much development/power user type activities.  I know a little about json, xml, ajax calls, javascript.  To be effective, I need to search the internet for more answers!


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Check Out Our Agile Process in Action

Karen AdkinsWe recently worked with Benefit Express (BE), a health benefits administration firm, to enhance their in-house software. We’ve worked with them in the past, so they knew our agile, feature-driven development processes could meet their needs.

Our total transparency model allowed us to be in constant communication with BE even though we worked remotely, ensuring the product would give their customers what they needed.

Utilizing Angular.js, C#, and Web API, we provided the tools and resources that allowed BE to finish their project on time.

Check out this video to learn more:

SharePoint 2013 On Line – Trying to Open Document in Word 2013 Desktop Version

Karen AdkinsProblem:  I have my browser open to a SharePoint Document Library.  A doc will show in Web Apps.  When I select edit in Word, I get a splash screen that says I need to install 32 bit Office Apps.

Solution:  I did an Office Repair on the desktop apps.  This Worked!!!

Details:  I was using IE 10. Office Pro Plus 2013.  When I used Chrome, I could use the Desktop Word 2013.  Very frustrating but now it is solved!!!

A Practical Way to Gain Experience Acquiring a New Skill – Mind Mapping Your Career Plan

Karen AdkinsMind Maps are used for problem solving, team building and in requirement gathering among other things. Following 10 simple guidelines from Buzan on Wikipedia, you, too, can try this approach.

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Is a Technical Lead like a Super Bowl Quarterback?

Karen AdkinsAs I pondered my next blog post (New Year’s resolution Is to make sure we are posting on a regular basis), I received the email below from Mike Mansbach, Citrix Online.  The same questions apply to the Tech Lead on a Software Development Team.  Who performs better under pressure?   What  different types of teamwork styles makes the team successful?  If your tech team role is more equivalent to Line Men, does the style of quarterbacking from the tech lead affect your performance?

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