IBS Employee Highlight: Patrick Tiettmeyer

IBS Employee Highlight: Patrick Tiettmeyer

Patrick is an IBS Account Executive and his been with the company for over 2 and half years now. Patrick’s worked in sales before, but IBS was his introduction to the world of IT staffing. His background in customer service has allowed him to build a number of partnerships with a variety of clients during his short time at the company.  Continue reading “IBS Employee Highlight: Patrick Tiettmeyer”

IBS Office Highlight: Downtown Chicago

Recently we spoke with Branch Manager Ryan Sturgis about working out of the Downtown Chicago market. Previously, it was left up to Oak Brook to handle the Downtown market but, given particular trends and changes in the market, it became IMG_4613imperative to expand to the city.

Iain McDavid: How did the Downtown Chicago team come about?

Ryan Sturgis: Well Downtown Chicago is very, very different in terms of the talent it’s yielding. And given trends with how newer generations and the new workforce are living: Most of them are staying in city. Especially the top technologist, they’re not moving out to the suburbs.  Conversely, our original IBS Oak Brook was primarily suburban focused. Continue reading “IBS Office Highlight: Downtown Chicago”

What to do when an External User gets “Account not found in SharePoint Directory” Error

BScott Zischerky Rick Berryman

When a user attempts to log into their SharePoint site and gets a “Not found in SharePoint Directory” error, this usually means that the user received the External User invite at one email address, but used a different email address to accept the invite. When this occurs, the only fix is to remove all occurrences of both the user’s accounts (invite and acceptance) on the SharePoint site, explain the error to the user and how to properly accept the invite, then re-send the invite.

NOTE: In order to remove the email accounts of the external user, the person performing this task must have Site Collection Administration rights.

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Advice: Questions to Ask During A Job Interview

Dear Arturo,

I’ve got a bit of a problem when it comes to job interviews. I go in with confidence and I usually interview well until the very end when the manager asks me if I have any questions and then I just freeze. I begin to panic and search for a question, but I don’t want ask something silly so I just end up saying something along the lines of “No I think you’ve covered everything.” I can’t help but feel that I’ve failed some sort of test, even if I nailed the interview up until that point.

Ouch. I’ve got to be honest – more often than not, a blunder like this can certainly cost you a job. There’s more than likely a candidate who interviewed just as well (or slightly worse/better) who asked a poignant question that impressed the hiring managers.


The interviewer doesn’t ask that question to be polite—they are trying to gauge your interest, and see how informed you are about the opportunity. It’s not uncommon to have freeze up, but you have to be able to push past this crucial moment. You have to anticipate the question and be prepared for it. Continue reading “Advice: Questions to Ask During A Job Interview”

Ask Arturo: Help! I Don’t Like My New Job

Dear Arturo,

I think I just made a huge mistake. I quit my previous job because a new opportunity came up, but this new position is not at all what I signed up for…what are my options?


This is a great question. People nowadays bounce around from job to job more frequently than they did 10, 20 years ago. In light of this fact it only makes sense that a person might find themselves in position that they’re unhappy with. Sure, we all have had a boring job before, but most of which we are able to “stick out “until we find something else. Every once in a while though we wind up in a position that turns out to be terrible fit. Is this an accurate description of your situation? If so, continue reading! Continue reading “Ask Arturo: Help! I Don’t Like My New Job”

How Data Analysis is Taking Over the World

How Data Analysis is Taking Over the World

By Chris Douglas

It’s Cyber Monday, but before you dive into online shopping on company time ahem, let’s explore some information about data.


No…not THAT Data… You know, data – the information that’s gathered and reported whether you realize it or not. The amount of data being collected is out of this world! And it keeps growing. A study was done by Dun & Bradstreet and Forbes Insights regarding the current state of data analytics adoption from over 300 executives in North America, U.K. and Ireland. Several different industries were a part of it, and it seems the landscape has shifted pretty heavily over the past several years. Continue reading “How Data Analysis is Taking Over the World”

An Interview with IBS President Jeff Jorgensen

An Interview with IBS President Jeff Jorgensen

Jeff Jorgensen has been a valuable member of the IBS family since 2001. Starting out as the Cincinnati branch manager, he was named president of the company in 2015. We sat down with him to learn more about his experience at IBS and to find out what he’s like outside of the office.

How did you get started in the staffing industry?

After I graduated college, I worked for a finance company. I helped sell and underwrite loans. A friend of mine that I met working there eventually left the company to work for a new IT staffing firm in Columbus, OH. He asked me to come work with him, and we got the Columbus location up and running together.

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