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Recruiting the Right Recruiter

JohnFor an IT professional looking for contract work, developing a good relationship with your recruiter is just as important as finding that next great job. In fact, develop a solid relationship with them, and you’ll never worry about where your next contract job is coming from.

We spoke with a few of our seasoned recruiters to answer questions that are often posed by people new to a recruiter/consultant relationship.

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IT Consulting – Fantasy Flex

JohnThis article posted on CIO compares building the ultimate IT team to drafting the perfect fantasy football team, but as commenter David Sirorkman says, outsourced IT consultants are left out. He proposes that outsourced consultants are like Special Teams because they “fill in the gaps outside of the skill set of the in-house IT Team.” While I agree that consultants certainly fill in the IT team’s skill set gaps, I disagree that they are comparable to Special Team because it implies that every IT team brings in consultants to serve one specific purpose. However, I do think he’s on to something.

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