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Flexible or Not, I am for Requirements


I mentioned in my last post (six months ago) that I was taking a break and working with an NGO as part of my Masters in Public Administration program.

As it would have it, I ended up on a SharePoint Online / Office 365 project.  Of course, I could have taken on the development myself but decided that it made more sense for the NGO to take on a local company to impelement the custom SharePoint development.  I have managed many software development projects in the past and thought that this would be a breeze.

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Welfare Reform

misc4_bgI am taking a few months off from coding and working on a research project with an public health NGO in India to fulfill a requirement for a graduate degree program.  At this organization, there are at least a half dozen people hired to do what might be considered low paid, menial jobs.

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Creating a Google Docs Spreadsheet-like interface

misc2As you may know, a Google Docs Spreadsheet acts almost exactly like Microsoft Excel but is completely web-based. In addition, it automatically saves the changes to a cell once the user has exited the cell. So the features that I am going to demonstrate are:

  1. Creating the basic html table
  2. Highlighting editable cells when moused over
  3. Adding a textbox to make cells editable
  4. Making the textbox invisible
  5. Using JavaScript & jQuery to capture changes when edited
  6. Adding an MVC Action method to save the changes
  7. Report that the changes were saved
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