Flexible or Not, I am for Requirements


I mentioned in my last post (six months ago) that I was taking a break and working with an NGO as part of my Masters in Public Administration program.

As it would have it, I ended up on a SharePoint Online / Office 365 project.  Of course, I could have taken on the development myself but decided that it made more sense for the NGO to take on a local company to impelement the custom SharePoint development.  I have managed many software development projects in the past and thought that this would be a breeze.

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Creating a Google Docs Spreadsheet-like interface

misc2As you may know, a Google Docs Spreadsheet acts almost exactly like Microsoft Excel but is completely web-based. In addition, it automatically saves the changes to a cell once the user has exited the cell. So the features that I am going to demonstrate are:

  1. Creating the basic html table
  2. Highlighting editable cells when moused over
  3. Adding a textbox to make cells editable
  4. Making the textbox invisible
  5. Using JavaScript & jQuery to capture changes when edited
  6. Adding an MVC Action method to save the changes
  7. Report that the changes were saved

Why is jQuery call ‘getJSON()’ returning cached data?

misc1Just wanted to make a quick post about something that was annoying me today and I learned how to fix it.

I am working on an ASP.NET MVC application making use of the jQuery.getJSON() method to retrieve data from an MVC Controller and displaying it on my web page.  I found that the jQuery.getJSON() call was caching the data and not actually calling my MVC Controller method each time that JavaScript called the method.

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