Uploading multiple attachments in SharePoint with one Input

misc3_bgI ran into the problem of not being able to upload an indefinite number of attachments to a SharePoint list item.  Using a file input could only upload file per input and I needed to allow the user to upload as many as they wanted.  I ended up following this blog post.

To select multiple files in one file input, the JavaScript plugin jquery.multifile.js is needed.  With this plugin, all you need to do to select multiple files is include multiple=”multiple” and class=”multi” on the file input.  When you choose a file it shows up below the input like this:

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Learning Angular.js

misc4_bgOver the past few months I have been working with Angular a lot.  I had no previous knowledge of Angular before this.  The Pluralsight course that helped me out the most was AngularJS: Get Started by Scott Allen.  It was very easy to follow along.  Scott was very good at explaining what he was doing.

One other resource that I found was very helpful was a walkthrough on scotchio.  This was good to go through after watching the training video.  This walkthrough actually showed how to set up a simple project.  It didn’t have as much explanation involved but it was a good walkthrough of exactly how to get a sample project set up and was a good starting point for creating a project to play around with.

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Using a Text Editor With Sharepoint 2013

misc2One thing I found irritating when using SharePoint was the built-in editor.  Other than color coding the code, it didn’t really have any other features. I was working by copy/pasting the file into Atom, and then editing the file, and copy/pasting it back.

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