Ridin with Aydin to Beat Diabetes

Greetings Folks! This post is a little different from my usual…


I’ve been a Software Developer and Architect for over 30 years. Most of that time has been spent sitting behind a desk, not watching what I eat, and getting little exercise.

I’m way out-of-shape, overweight, hypertensive, have high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, and now my “recent accomplishment” was making it to the “obese” category for my body fat. Without any change, and since it runs on both sides of my family, I suspect I will become type-2 diabetic unless I take some action. 

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Google Play’s New Global Content Rating System

misc4_bgEarlier this week, Google added a couple updates to the Google Play store in an effort to create a better user experience – a content rating system, and a better app review process. These updates have been long-awaited, and add a great deal of value to the Android brand.

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