Javascript Copy to Clipboard for Excel

I recently had a requirement to “export” data shown in a table on a web page to an Excel file.  In a normal situation I’d do something server-side to generate an Excel file with the necessary data, but unfortunately this situation was not a normal. The project I was working on did not have a […]

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Optional Chaining in JavaScript

Optional chaining is in stage 1 and can be found in this repo. Optional Chaining provides a succinct way to check for the existence of an object before accessing its properties.  Very similar to the C# null conditional operator. And it is already available in the React ecosystem. Why do we need this? How often […]

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Talent Shortage with JavaScript Frameworks

According to a report from HackerRank the widest skill gap with IT talent plays out in JavaScript frameworks, particularly with React. More and more employers are seeking developers proficient in the framework, but the talent isn’t readily available just yet. It should also be noted that AngularJS and Node.js are more heavily favored by developers. […]

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