Office 365 January 2019 Good Reads

There are thousands of articles, blog posts, videos and other information being generated every month for Office 365. It’s impossible to review them all but we are going to be posting our top “good reads” for Office 365 content monthly.  There may be one or two items from the Office 365 Message Center in this list occasionally but for the most part we are going to stick with community contributions that we feel may provide value for our customers and our employees.    Without further ado, please find our “good reads” for January 2019 below😉.

Turbo-boost Quick Chart Web Parts with Flow

Brief how to post on getting the most out of the updated Quick Chart Web Part in modern SharePoint.  While not ideal for advanced scenarios the post offers some insights on how provide simple data in a graphical format to our users with minimal effort.   Worth a few minutes of your time to understand the possibilities and if you have more advanced requirements check out what you can do with Power BI.

Empower your Firstline Workers with new capabilities in Microsoft Teams

Tech Community post by Keara James from 1/9/2019 on new Teams capabilities for first line workers.  If your organization has adopted StaffHub read this post ASAP.  StaffHub will be retired on 10/1/2019 as that functionality has been moved/enhanced in MS Teams with Shifts. If you’re not familiar with shifts from a user perspective head over to the Getting Started with Shifts documentation and if your in IT check out the Manage the Shifts App for Your Organization documentation.

There are a few other announcements in this post but if you read through the comments section (please do) you’ll notice the community is already asking the questions you may have.  How will data be moved from StaffHub to Shifts? When will Shifts be GDPR compliant? When will various issues be addressed? Unfortunately, as of today those questions have not been addressed but we do have until October to “figure it out”.

CollabTalk January 2019 Office 365 Productivity Tips

Ok, so this one isn’t a read per se but it’s still worth checking out.  If you are on the hunt for “hidden” features/benefits in Office 365 check out this video and some of their others for productivity tips. I particularly enjoyed the debate on the usefulness of Sway as it relates to the Transform to Web portion of the video. Yes, it’s a cool feature but not everyone has adopted Sway😉.

Modernizing your Company FAQ with a No-Code Bot in MS Teams

Another how to YouTube video I really liked this month was from Mark Rackley on 1/9/2019. There are a few reasons I like this one.

  1. It’s less than 30 minutes and walks through the entirety of the process
  2. While it’s a “simple” bot it’s a good example of what can be accomplished
  3. Targeted introduction into Azure Portal for folks that may not be familiar with it

If there were one thing I would caution folks about regarding this one is just because you can pull this type of bot off in 30 minutes doesn’t mean you can create a full-fledged custom bot for your requirements in 30 minutes😉.

Microsoft Releases the Service Adoption Specialist Certification

Tech Community post on the new certification from 1/10/2019 by Karuana Gatimu.  While this doesn’t really do anything for those of use that are MCSE or MSCD certified right now it’s still a worthwhile endeavor if you are an Office 365/SharePoint consultant or employee within an organization attempting to increase user adoption.  The course is online and free of charge unless you want the “Verified Certificate” for $99.00. Anyone who has done any type of implementation knows that obtaining broad user adoption is critical for the overall success.

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