MS Teams Bug: Comments in Documents and Modified Information

On Friday a co-worker indicated that they had added some comments to a Word document I created in one of our MS Teams.  The following Tuesday morning, using the MS Teams Desktop Application, I went to the team to review the comments but noticed something a bit weird, the modified information hadn’t changed.  It was still showing as last modified by me over a week ago.  I’m typically a good “techie” and keep my stuff up to date, shut down my machine every night and I’m regularly in the MS Teams application and never noticed this.  A bit perplexed, I opened the document in Word and sure enough the comments my co-worker added were there, but she hadn’t changed anything else, she just added comments.

I then replied to the comments within the document, saved and closed only to see the modified information remain the same in MS Teams…weird. Clicked refresh, nothing. Quit and reopened MS Teams, nothing. Am I losing my mind? No, I’m still semi-sane…I clicked Open in SharePoint and sure enough the modified information was updated, the version history was accurate, and I felt slightly better as I wasn’t going crazy. However, it did make me wonder if the version history showed accurately within the document itself.  I opened the document again and sure enough the versions were displayed in the document itself.

Checked the mobile application and the web browser MS Teams application as well and in both instances the modified information was displayed properly.  At this point I added some new text to my document expecting to see the modified information updated in MS Teams and voila, the modifed information was displayed correctly in the MS Teams desktop application. Had another of my co-workers replicate the issue a few times just to be sure and we were able to consistently reproduce.

Stands to reason that there is a small bug in the MS Teams desktop application regarding the display of the modified details when comments are added.  As far as bugs go this is probably a dust mite in the grand scheme of things as it’s not often someone comments on my documents without editing/adding text.  I imagine this issue won’t present itself for quite some time in our world however the rest of this article is for the MS Teams/Office 365 folks😉.

Bug Description: When adding comments only to a document the modified information is not updated in MS Teams desktop application.

MS Teams Version Tested: (64-bit) last updated on 8/6/2018

Word Versions Tested: 1803 (Build 9126.2259 Click-to-Run) and 1803 (Build 9126.2275 Click-to-Run)

OS Version Tested: Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1803 (Build 17134.228)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a document locally from Word and add generic text
  2. Save the document to a MS Team from the Word 2016 interface
  3. Share the document from Word 2016 (Selected People with Existing Access)
  4. Close out the document
  5. Have the person you shared the document with add comments to the document (within the document online or locally) but not change anything within the text of the document then save/close the document
  6. Note that Modified information updates on web, mobile and SharePoint interfaces but not the MS Teams desktop application

Important Notes

  1. Refreshing and Quitting Teams did not resolve the issue in the first 3 tests
  2. Quitting Teams did resolve the issue on the 4th test but I was first greeted with a http 500 then clicked Restart on the MS Teams interface

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