What’s New In Office 365 (July 2018)

It’s been another busy month for Office 365 updates.  Many of the updates that rolled out Duane Odumwere ahead of schedule which can be nice for folks that were waiting on a specific update to implement a solution.  However, it’s nice when the Office 365 Roadmap is accurate😊.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center

This one’s been in the pipeline for some time but if you haven’t checked it out yet be prepared for some changes.  Content is still very similar so it’s not a terribly difficult adjustment but anything with Administration rights in Office 365 should get familiar with the new layout sooner rather than later at https://admin.microsoft.com.

Admin Center

Branding of sharing emails in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online

One of the more commonly requested features by organizations we work with is the ability to have some control over the sharing emails that are sent out when the users share items via OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. While this update doesn’t quite meet most of the requests that we get it does signal Microsoft is listening to the user community and allow organizations to apply some organization specific branding to the sharing emails.

Sharing Email

Replacing Site Content and Structure in SharePoint Online

Not technically replacing so much as getting rid of the feature.  SharePoint administrators have been using a feature called Site Content and Structure for quite some time to move things around within existing SharePoint Site Collections.  The manage content and structure feature allowed administrators to move sites, lists and libraries to other locations within the site collection which came in handy if there was a restructuring within the organization or a site was created in a location that wasn’t “user friendly”.

With the move to Modern SharePoint everything is pushing towards a “flat architecture” where we use Modern Sites (Site Collections) to build out intranets and hub sites to link things together.  As the manage content and structure feature only works within a site collection and Microsoft has already provided us with the ability to Move and Copy files it’s not surprising to see this feature deprecated.

Site Content and Structure

Message Translation in Teams

In a move that should surprise almost no one Microsoft is adding translation capabilities to MS Teams.  Essentially users will have the ability to click on any message and have it translated to their language.  The first announcement of this, along with many other features coming to MS Teams was made by Tech Crunch in March 2018.

Archiving MS Teams

Another highly requested feature in the user and administrative community was the ability to Archive MS Teams content.  As MS Teams is essentially a wrapper for multiple Office 365 applications this was probably a harder engineering task than many folks believed but team owners now have the ability to archive a MS Team. This implementation may not meet everyone’s needs but again shows that Microsoft is listening to the community at large.

Archive Team


Restore Team

Restore MS Team

SharePoint Online Storage Quota Increase

Nothing really to add to this one other than it’s about time😉.

With this change, SharePoint Online per user license storage allocation will increase to 1 TB plus 10 GB per user license purchased (up from 1 TB plus .5 GB per user license purchased). Note this does not include SharePoint Online kiosk plans including Office 365 F1 and Microsoft 365

As always, please check in on the Rolling Out and In Development sections of the Office 365 Roadmap regularly to get an idea of what new features, updates and enhancements are in the pipeline😊.


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