SharePoint Conference 2018 Day 1 Recap

I was watching the SharePoint Conference North America 2018 Keynote (#SPC18 on Twitter) and I must admit, I “geeked out” a little bit about SharePoint Spaces and started to contemplate how I could convince the executive team to sign off on a Commercial Duane OdumHoloLens. If you are not familiar with SharePoint Spaces head over to the GeekWire article on SharePoint spaces by Nat Levy.  Essentially Microsoft is using Office 365/SharePoint Online to bring mixed reality creation to the masses.  The astute reader will notice that you don’t need the HoloLens but to you good reader, I say phooey…go big or go home.  If you or your organization want to get in on the private preview you can nominate your organization using the SharePoint Spaces Form (love that they are using MS Forms for this😊). 

While many folks were really intrigued by SharePoint Spaces, the biggest applause came during Chris McNulty’s demo of some nice features coming to SharePoint Online that will directly benefit end users as soon as they are launched. The 2 biggest crowd pleasers were the ability to create lists from an existing list, from Excel or from scratch, and the ability to Copy/Paste directly from Excel into a Modern SharePoint list.  I have a feeling the new options for creating a list will take some getting used to for those familiar with Classic SharePoint experiences, but the benefit here definitely outweighs the potential change aversion.  As far as the copy/paste functionality goes…it’s about darn time.

One of the announcements that didn’t get quite the reaction I anticipated was the MS Training Services pilot.  Feel free to learn more by reading the Introducing Microsoft Training Services post on the Tech Community. Microsoft has already done a “pre-pilot” of the program and have learned that customers face challenges with training employees…to absolutely no one’s surprise I would hope. What I really like about this is they are planning to surface a web part on a communication site to make it readily available to users.  I cannot tell you how often we have referenced links to OneDrive, SharePoint, MS Teams, PowerBI, Flow…I can keep going but I think you get the point.
A majority of folks won’t click the links until they need to and by the time they need to they forgot the links were available.  If you think your organization would benefit from participating in this pilot fill out the Microsoft Training Services pilot form and give it a go.

There were also some excellent feature announcements for OneDrive for Business and MS Flow announced today as well. And while they were not necessarily part of the Keynote, they are still of value. Last but certainly not least, I would be remiss to omit the SharePoint 2019 announcement as well…SharePoint On-Premises lives on with support for OneDrive, Modern SharePoint and you will even get the “waffle” menu we’ve all grown to love in Office 365.  You can still use SharePoint 2010 Workflows and InfoPath forms but please, for the love of all that is good in the world let InfoPath die with some dignity😊.

Anything from day 1 really catch your attention…let us know in the comments.

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