What’s New in Office 365 (May 2018)

Keep an eye on your Office 365 Admin Message Center over the next couple months. As Duane OdumMicrosoft is getting ramped up for SharePoint Conference North America May 21st – 23rd in Las Vegas, NV we can expect to see more updates and enhancements rolling out than normal.  Below are some of the highlights of the announcements from April:

Office 365 Organization Theme Update

  • Intend to rollout in June 2018 and while it’s not a major change it is something to be aware of….

Office 365 Branding UPdates

Updated Site Usage pages in SharePoint Online

  • This update will give users more insights into the usage of their SharePoint sites. They will be able to see a per-day count of visitors and visits over three-time periods: last seven days, last 30 days, and last 90 days.
  • This feature will be rolling out to organizations throughout May 2018

Connect Classic SharePoint site collections to Office 365 Groups

  • One of the key aspects of the Modern Office 365 and SharePoint experience is Office 365 Groups.  It looks like Microsoft is taking another step towards integrating the modern experiences with Classic SharePoint site collections and we can expect to see this rolled out in late May.
  • If you are an Office 365 Administrator in an environment with Classic SharePoint site collections you should definitely check out the announcement article for this feature.

The Public Newsfeed is being replaced (About time)

  • Starting in June of 2018 the public newsfeeds will become read-only.  Instead of using this feature Microsoft recommends the usage of Yammer or modern functionality such as Team News and Communication sites.
  • If you’re not quite sure what the Newsfeed is an image of an empty one is below for your convenience:


What’s new in Microsoft Teams

  • As Microsoft continues to push MS Teams we will continue to get updates and it appears that they are getting closer to the “merger” between MS Teams and Skype for Business based on the latest round of updates
    • The ability to import your Skype for Business contacts to Microsoft Teams
    • Unified Presence between Teams and Skype for Business
    • Interoperability between Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business
    • The ability to set retention policies for Microsoft Teams
  • For a full listing and details of the MS Teams Updates check out the April Update

As always, please check in on the Rolling Out and In Development sections of the Office 365 Roadmap regularly to get an idea of what new features, updates and enhancements are in the pipeline😊.

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