AI Enhanced Automated Testing

We often here about AI and how it will transform and revolutionize technology and the IT industry. But we rarely hear of any concrete examples on how this will take shape. The World Quality Report, however, indicates that AI and machine learning technology could greatly impact mobile and software testing in the immediate future.

According to the research, “AI, [Artificial Intelligence] and ML [Machine Learning] processes can save at least 35% in testing efforts. The result is the rather unusual combination of development that is at once (1) faster (agility), (2) better (quality), and (3) less expensive (efficiency).” In short, BOTS, AI and ML can be used to quickly test applications and software without sacrificing quality or deliverables.  Often times enterprises have to weigh their options between speed-to-market and high quality scripts, but with AI optimized testing process, businesses can excel in both categories.

It should be noted that automated testing is a possible solution as well, but a lot of businesses haven’t even gotten that far yet. According to a recent report, only 16% of American and European enterprises working in an agile environment had implemented automated testing, which should be an essential practice in 2018. The trends and numbers seem to suggest that today’s technology is accelerating at such a rate companies can’t keep pace. Businesses will need to take digital transformations efforts more seriously if they want to remain viable in the years to come.


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