Challenges Testing in Agile

Though a number of organizations and businesses have implemented some sort of QA practice into their development cycle, a large percentage of them still do not have a dedicated resource handling testing. This means they’re taking developers with a specialized skillset away from what they do best to focus on QA. While many organizations have incorporated agile into their development process, they have not done so in their QA process. 

According to the World Quality Report, an objective analysis of trends focusing on QA, companies report a wide range of challenges in making their QA agile. The most common complaint is a lack of appropriate testing environment (46%), while 45% said it was too difficult to re-use and repeat tests across multiple scripts and iterations. 43% of businesses surveyed also cited a lack of professional expertise in agile.

Such concerns are valid, but the truth is your process will never be truly agile unless QA is done in an agile environment as well. The good news is that IBS’ Offshore QA Practice addresses all of these reported challenges and is experienced in streamlining your QA, making your process truly agile.

Unsure how to implement agile in your QA process? Take a look at our free ebook Testing in Agile without Fear.

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