The IBS Longtimers: An Interview with Bob Kloss

Bob Kloss, Vice President of IBS, is based in the Oak Brook, IL office where he has been for 31 years. He is responsible for the Chicago region and individual sales. He also works with profit and loss for the Chicago area.

Have you always had the role you’re currently in here at IBS or have you moved around?

Bob Kloss: In 1985, I started off as a recruiter. Since then, I have moved into a recruiting manager position then a sales manager then branch manager and now I’m in the Vice President role.


In what way has your job changed the most since you started?

Bob Kloss: The biggest change is the responsibility to help my staff progress and keep everyone motivated in a challenging environment.


In what way has IBS changed the most since you started?

Bob Kloss: We have added new services like the Microsoft Technology Group (MTG) and Offshore. We have looked into servicing clients in different ways – Vendor Managed System (VMS) comes to mind. When we initially started we were strictly staffing. The best thing about our culture is that is really hasn’t changed over the years. We want to see our people come to work happy and be successful. Management has always been focused on creating a good culture to work in that allows us to enjoy what we do and be successful at the same time.


What is your best memory of working at IBS?

Bob Kloss: For me, it would have to be one of my very first Top Performer Trips [IBS offers this incentive annually to the top performers throughout the company]. We were on a beach and I got the opportunity to meet my colleagues from other offices and get to hang out with people and get to know them better. It is great to see the company reward us for our hard work and celebrate success.


How have the consultants/clients changed the most since you started?

Bob Kloss: I think that access to clients seems to get tougher every year with voicemail, vendor programs and everything else going on out there, so the emphasis continues to be building strong relationships with clients and candidates. Candidates are barraged by so many emails and voicemails from recruiters, and it continues to be tough to build good relationships, but I think that is something IBS does well.


What do you think IBS has improved on the most over the years?

Bob Kloss: Providing clients more than staffing services. We’ve built a very strong Microsoft Technology Group in Michigan, and a very talented group in our offices in Hyderabad, India that we can all be very proud of.


How have you changed the most professionally since you started?

Bob Kloss: I became more aware of how relevant our services are to our customers. What we do is very important to them hitting their deadlines. I am much more in tune with how our business impacts the bottom lines of our customers.


Over the years, what has been the most frustrating part of the job?

Bob Kloss: For me, the most frustrating part is trying to develop client relationships that allow you to do a good job. That isn’t easy to do. There are many barriers to overcome.


How about the most rewarding?

Bob Kloss: Seeing the whole team succeed. Having the branch win the most improved or see multiple people hit the rewards trip.


What wisdom would you like to share that you’ve gained over the years?

Bob Kloss: The bottom line is that it is all about helping people. If we can come to work every day and focus on providing good service to both clients and candidates we will see success. If we do our jobs right we will help them all and that is something we should always strive to do. You have to be persistent.


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