Happy Birthday, OneDrive: Collab 365 Live Show #14 Recap

JohnThis week’s Collab365 Live Show focused on Microsoft OneDrive, which is 10 years old this month🎈🎁! Microsoft product team members Stephen Rose and Jason Moore joined hosts Andy Talbot and Nick Brattoli, as well as special guest Hans Brendner, to discuss what’s new with OneDrive and what we can expect from the service in the future.

OneDrive is Microsoft’s file hosting/sharing service. You can sync multiple devices to the same OneDrive account, ensuring you have access to all of your documents, regardless of location or device.

Here are some of the key takeaways from this week’s Live Show:

  • Gartner recently recognized OneDrive as a leader in content collaboration platforms
    • OneDrive has seen a 300% year over year growth
    • Over 252,000 companies are using OneDrive and SharePoint
  • OneDrive consumer versus business: what is the purpose you have for using it?
    • Consumer: for managing your personal life (keeping track of your home’s energy usage, writing a novel, storing vacation photos, etc.)
    • Business: for managing the individual and group files you’re producing at school or work, whether that be a nonprofit or Fortune 500 company
  • Files On-Demand: the ability to use your PC to browse files whether or not you’re actually on your PC. You can also use Explorer, Command Line, or any other apps directly against your documents using Files On-Demand. This functionality does require downloading the fall creator’s update.
  • On-prem solutions are good for people who prefer a slow and steady approach, whereas hybrid or cloud services are best for agile/proactive organizations.
  • New features of OneDrive:
    • Version history for non-Office documents, such as PDFs
    • Ability to include % and # in file names
  • UserVoice is the best place to give feedback and vote for future features. Engineers attend monthly roundtables where they look at which features have received the most positive feedback.
  • Use the admin center to ensure everyone in your organization is in sync. You can also view any errors, as well as the last time a specific person’s device was connected to the service.
  • Production rings are for consumer populations, whereas enterprise rings are for organizations who need update predictability and time to prepare for compliance.

And what can we expect from OneDrive in the future?

  • Multi-geo capability to ensure content from another country is hosted within that country
  • Integrate with Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) and Flow
  • Detect specific words in files and automatically move to a certain folder
  • Continue to improve usability across platforms, including Mac and mobile devices
  • More announcements to come at the Ignite conference

To learn more about OneDrive and view a list of user resources, visit Microsoft’s website. You can view the whole Live Show on Collab365’s website or YouTube channel.

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