The Latest on Microsoft Graph

JohnMicrosoft Graph, a feature in the Office 365 suite that “facilitates search across integrated applications,” was released in 2015.

At its core, Graph takes data from every other Office 365 application and consolidates it into one endpoint; therefore, Graph contains an incredible amount of data. The service can also keep track of a user’s open documents, share files, and conversations. This information is entered into a machine learning algorithm to help commercial and consumer users organize and manage a range of services, including their contacts, conversations, and calendar.

Collab365 Live Show hosts Nick Brattoli and Andy Talbot caught up with Diego Costa, a developer, and Yina Arenas, a program manager at Microsoft, to discuss what’s new with Graph, how to use the new functionality, and what we can expect from it in the future.

Here were some key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Developers can access immense amounts of information with just one token, provided they have the proper permissions. They no longer have to jump through hoops to build libraries or gather data.
  • Graph Explorer can be used by anyone (developer or not) without even having to log into their Microsoft account. Users can view sample queries, read and write data, troubleshoot, and look for inspiration for new projects.
  • Graph now supports batching and offers extensibility, allowing users to enter in their own data.
  • People API filters results based on your current activity within the Office 365 suite, including what kinds of files/documents you’re accessing and with whom you’re communicating. For the same search term, you will get different results today than you did six months ago.
  • We see Graph better integrating with Teams and Groups and allowing users to filter through their channels, chats, and conversations.

As for some things we can expect out of Microsoft Graph in the future…

  • The development team has no plans to release a second version; until they have a business reason to create a new version, Graph will continue adding new features onto v1. This will also make Graph more dependable for developers.
  • The production team knows there are throttling issues that are frustrating for developers and plan on fixing this in the future. Oftentimes, Graph’s quotas are at the mercy of individual servers; for example, Outlook has a limit of 60 requests on a mailbox per minute, and Graph cannot override that limit.
  • Graph is growing beyond Office. We should expect to see integration with Windows and mobile operating systems in the near future.
  • New keyboard functionality around SwiftKey will be released soon.
  • Developers are continuing to invest time into “Project Rome,” which will allow users to build cross-device experiences.
  • Although Graph is typically cloud-based, we will soon have hybrid exchange capability.

You can watch the whole Live Show on Collab365’s website or their YouTube channel. For more information about Microsoft Graph or to access Graph Explorer, click here.


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