Angular 2 Lunch and Learn Recap

Rick HerrmannLast week, I mentioned I would be leading a Lunch and Learn for our colleagues at Total Quality Logistics (TQL). We’ve been working with Angular 2 since August 2016, so we have a fair amount of experience with it and want to share our knowledge with other members of the tech community.

The presentation went great—we had well over 50 people in attendance! As attendees munched on IBS-provided sub sandwiches, I spoke about what’s new with Angular 2.

I divided my talk into three sections: Angular 2 features/how it differs from Angular 1, tools needed to begin development, and some options for getting started. Here are some key takeaways from each section:

Angular 2 Features:

  • All components (no more controllers)
    • Two options: Simple or Nested
    • Every application must have an app-component
    • @Input – Exposes the property to other components
  • Easiest language to use is TypeScript
  • There are two types of forms:
    • Template-driven: similar to Angular 1
    • Model-driven (aka Reactive Forms): use for complex validation
  • Routing is alternative to placing components in a template
  • Use modules to group features and with routing they can be lazy loaded


  • You have your choice of Text Editors. Your choices include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • VS Code
    • Atom
    • WebStorm
    • Sublime
  • Node for development environment and NPM to manage packages
  • WebPack is a module bundler (replaces Gulp/Grunt from Angular 1)

Options for Getting Started:

  • Angular-cli
  • Search for “angular2-webpack-starter” on Github for hundreds of options

All in all, it was a great session and I had a lot of fun getting to hang out with the TQL employees and talk Angular 2.

Here’s a short video showing the great turnout.

To schedule a Lunch and Learn of your own, head on over to our contact form.

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