Hot Skills for 2017

IJohnn Computerworld’s annual Forecast survey, researchers found that anywhere from 500,000 to 2 million IT jobs go unfilled each year. IT firms need these positions filled, but struggle to find people with the necessary qualifications and/or proper cultural fit. Employers will really have to buckle down and find solid candidates to fill these needs in 2017. The survey also outlines the most important tech skills hiring managers will hire for in the coming year.

IBS can help recruit talent to fill these positions. Here are five skillsets that IBS hires for that conflate with the top demanded IT skills for 2017

  1. Application development. According to Computerworld’s research, “35% of the respondents…said they plan to increase spending on mobile applications in 2017, making mobile the No. 2 spending priority for the year.” With more and more people using their cell phones to access the Internet, it’s crucial for businesses to have a mobile app and/or a responsive website. IBS consultants are skilled in a wide variety of mobile technologies and application development tools.
  2. Business intelligence/analytics. John Reed, senior executive director of Robert Half Technology, told Computerworld that “companies need tech pros who can turn data into insights that senior leaders can use to understand buying patterns and industry trends and ultimately drive business strategy.” Now, more than ever, companies are turning to their IT departments to supply data that can be used to help the company grow and expand to reach a wider audience. IBS is always looking for business analysts to apply to our network.
  3. Big data. According to Matt Leighton, recruiting director for Mondo, “companies are inundated with information harvested from various sources, and they need experienced people to extract insights and value from the wealth of structured and unstructured data they have amassed.”  Big data analysts can reveal to a company customer trends, industry insights, business outlooks, and more. Read about how IBS completed a complicated big data project here.
  4. Web development. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that “demand for web developers will grow significantly faster than demand for other tech professionals.” WinterWyman’s recruiting strategy manager Sean Dowling says this is because “companies are continually updating and innovating in this area.” The constant need for an intuitive and engaging website calls means that companies will always need a talented web developer on their IT team.
  5. Project management and soft skills. Although hiring managers of course want candidates with the required technical skills, potential employees also have to possess soft skills. Effective communication, leadership, and collaboration are crucial to successful project management. Hiring managers are also prioritizing productivity and customer experience in 2017 and need project managers who have the same goals. IBS actively recruits project managers that not only possess the functional knowledge to complete a project, but can serve as a leader to a team of other employees as well. 

Hiring managers are returning to their offices rejuvenated and determined to find talented candidates to fill their open positions. Let IBS help you find the position that best fits your skills and needs by submitting your resume today.

Or if you’re seeking one of the above skillsets for your team contact us and we’ll fill the position with one of our talented consultants.

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