IBS Solutions Group Presents .NET Core to Development User Group in Lansing, MI

Joseph DotsonOn Thursday, I traveled to the TechSmith Corporation in the Lansing, Michigan area to deliver a presentation about .NET Core, Microsoft’s newest open source cross-compatibility framework.

At the presentation, I discussed some of the platform’s features and functionality, such as dependency injection, logging, user roles/identities, and use cases.

As with any technology, there are several limitations to using .NET Core, which I also covered. For example, you cannot create webforms using the framework and it does not offer data table/set functionality. Additionally, .NET Core does not have system directory services, although there are groups of developers working on this.

That being said, upgrading to .NET Core is highly advantageous. .NET Core is much faster than regular .NET, one study citing that it has a 2300% increase in requests per second that it can handle as opposed to its predecessor. File tracking has been eliminated, as every project includes all of its own files. Visual Studio is also no longer required to use the framework.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cross-compatibility gives developers more power and flexibility while developing for Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • All Injection occurs in ConfigureServices
  • New built-in logging framework
  • Entity Framework has been rewritten specifically for .NET Core
  • UserManager, RoleManager and SignInManager all need to be dependency injected
  • Authenticate an API through OpenIddict (when integrating with identity) or IdentityServer 4 (all other cases)
  • Do not use JSON Web Tokens for access tokens
  • There are three main token types used for password flow: access, ID, and refresh

You can view the git files from the presentation here.

The IBS Solutions Group is committed to learning new technologies and staying engaged with our community. To schedule a presentation similar to this one, or to learn more about our Lunch & Learn offerings, check out our blog.

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