New MS Certification Paths

Duane OdumI was in requirements gathering meetings all day, so this evening I was doing some “actual work” when a I received an email congratulating me on my Microsoft certification.  Being that I haven’t taken an exam in a few months I was a little perplexed.  Not that I mind getting more certifications but I generally like to actually know about it beforehand.

A quick search sent me to a post on Microsoft’s Born To Learn site posted on 9/21/2016 titled Microsoft Streamlines Technical CertificationsLarry Kaye does a pretty good job of explaining what is coming and the paths to take to get there so I won’t rehash that. I am much more interested in why Microsoft is doing this (something Microsoft seems to have omitted from the Born To Learn post). Allow me to speculate.

Microsoft has not exactly kept it a secret that they are pushing mobile and cloud strategies. For the past few years, Satya Nadella has been on a mission to make Microsoft the industry leader in those segments. In my opinion, these new certification paths are just further reinforcement that this strategy is still in full swing.  All of the new MCSE certifications have a mobile- or cloud-based component, including the one I apparently earned today.  The new MCSD: App Builder specifically focuses on Web and Mobile app development, but I can pretty much guarantee you’ll need to have some Azure experience.

What does all this mean for us? To give a consultant answer, it really depends. We don’t have all the details yet on how this will impact organizations who are Microsoft Partners, but for those of us that are MCSEs we better get up to speed on Azure fast (which we already have been doing anyway). MCSDs are likely going to be expected to be “full stack” developers.

I almost forgot the best part: we get to re-certify yearly for MCSE and MCSD.

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