SharePoint Online Changes Are Coming…

Duane OdumOn August 31, 2016 Microsoft announced the newest capabilities coming to a SharePoint Online tenant near you…Modern Team Sites and Pages being of the most interest to yours truly.  So far Microsoft has done a really nice job of sticking to the roll out schedule announced at the May 4th event and that bodes well for the continued development of SharePoint moving forward.  Rather than rattle off all the improvements coming out I will just be linking to the announcement from Microsoft here and answering an open question posed by Wictor Wilen on Twitter (@wictor if you would like to give him a follow).  How do you think the new 25TB site collection limit will affect your SharePoint Designs and Architectures?

As you may have guessed by now one of the improvements listed is the site collection storage limit has been increased from 1 TB to 25 TB.  24 TB is a pretty significant jump and will obviously have some impact on architecture and design but in the true spirit of consulting I believe the affect really depends on the situation and 140 characters doesn’t allow enough room to expound.   Each organization has their own needs/wants when it comes to SharePoint but there are some key takeaways I see from this change.

We are much more likely to see larger files brought into SharePoint Online. Even after the file size limit was increased from 2 GB to 10 GB not many organizations were willing to bring larger files specifically CAD files into SharePoint Online for fear of running out of storage and general usability issues.  This storage increase coupled with increased network speeds will ultimately resolve both of those problems.

We are more likely to see issues with governance when it comes to archiving and simply removing content that isn’t necessary.  As a consultant I preach governance from the onset of a project, it doesn’t matter if I am writing a custom solution for an existing platform or architecting it from the ground up, having a governance plan is an important part of any SharePoint implementation. Information Management will now be a bit more challenging discussion when it comes to retention and expiration policies, redundant data or simply outdated data.  We don’t want SharePoint Online becoming a massive, bloated file share in the cloud.

Last but certainly not least we are probably going to see more implementations of “Single Site Collection” SharePoint Online environments.  From a permissions perspective you can still get the same impact as a separate site collection using a site so unless you need a completely different look and feel or separation of content on the backend a site may make more sense now.
I am sure other things will come to mind in the future but it’s a holiday weekend here in the USA and I need to get some work done.  Again, if you want to check out the Microsoft article it is titled: New capabilities in SharePoint Online team sites including integration with Office 365 Groups. In my opinion the integration with Office 365 Groups may actually be the biggest part of this announcement in the long run but only time will tell I suppose…and the fact Microsoft put it in the Title of the post may have influenced that statement as well!








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