That Conference 2016 Recap

Rick HerrmannI had the good fortune this year to be able to attend That Conference ( at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells August 8-10.  This was my first time attending the “Summer Camp for Geeks” and it was definitely worth the long drive from Livonia, MI (even with 8 kids in the car).

The Kalahari is a great conference venue (my kids loved it) and the conference was well organized and was loaded with good sessions.  During several of the time slots I had a hard time deciding which session to choose.

My post-conference list of things to follow up on includes:
  1. Angular 2.  I have actually been starting to learn Angular 2 the last two weeks.  One good session I attended was a side by side comparison between Angular 1 and 2 by Tony Gemol.
  2. RxJs.  I did not attend any sessions that were specific to RxJs but part of learning Angular 2 requires being familiar with RxJs.
  3. Firebase.  I had been wanting to take a look at Firebase for awhile and one of the sessions by Anne Bougie was a good getting started overview.
  4. git.  Yes git.  I have been working with git 5 years and thought I knew it pretty well.  But after attending the git session by Kieth Dahlby I realize there are a lot of advanced features that I am not familiar with.
I am already looking forward to attending That Conference again next year.

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